UK Datahouse is committed to providing telemarketing lead generation companies with clean, up to date data

March 30, 2013

Companies that use telemarketing as a way of lead generation are concerned with contacting potential customers over the phone, and promoting products and services. These products and services may be their own, or more likely, they will be actively seeking new customers on behalf of a client. The aim of telemarketing lead generation is not to directly make a sale over the phone; it is usually to set an appointment. Once the telemarketing lead generation company have found an interested customer, their detail will be sold to the client, and they then have to convert the lead into a sale.

Whether your business deals with telemarketing lead generation for businesses or consumers, there are many other methods to use as well as telemarketing lead generation, in order to generate the highest volume of quality leads for your clients. For most businesses looking to buy leads, they are most likely to seek telemarketing lead generation companies. Most people would think of a call centre contacting hundreds of homeowners on a daily basis, high volume of calls is associated with a high volume of leads.

No matter how popular and effective telemarketing lead generation has proven to be, the way in which leads are generated is changing as technology is developing. Since we have entered the 21st century the internet is now a key player in the industry. More and more people are using it not only as a place to gather information; they are also purchasing products and services online. Consumers in Britain spend the most amount of money online in comparison to any other country in Europe. This information is important for telemarketing lead generation companies, they may have to change the way in which they operate, in order to keep up with competition, and keep the volume of leads generated high.  However, traditional telemarketing lead generation companies should not be disregarded. Just because a customer hasn’t actively enquired online about a specific product or service, it doesn’t mean that they won’t benefit from it, or even want to know about what your clients have to offer.  Products that are aimed at the elderly for example, may not be as popular online, as this generation are less likely to use the internet for purchasing goods and services.

Whichever method you choose to use, you will need good, clean data, and that is where UK Datahouse can help you. At UK Datahouse we are committed to providing telemarketing lead generation companies with clean, up to date and accurate data lists which should help you be able to increase sales and decrease waste. We thoroughly check all of our databases against both the TPS and MPS, to ensure that you will not be paying for consumer data, only to find that it could potentially cost you £5000 to contact certain customers. Both the TPS and the MPS are free services that businesses and consumers can sign up to, and it their way of saying they do not wish to be contacted by direct marketing.

Your business deals with telemarketing lead generation for businesses or consumers, there are many other methods to use as well as telemarketing lead generation. Get Lead Generation data on visit our website: –


Lead Generation Services

December 26, 2012

The Lead generation service is the process of proactively creating and discovering interest among prospective buyers so that a sales team can engage with the customer and create a sale. As the company providing the leads, it will be you who has the first verbal or written contact with the customer; you must be professional and supportive from the word go if you wish to maintain an interest and generate a lead for your client.

A common example of how the Lead generation Online service works comes from a telemarketing organisation. They may be contacting a homeowner about double glazing, and if the customer is interested, their details will be sold to a double glazing installer who will attempt to turn into a sale. The lead is the interested customer.

Lead generation has become crucial to the survival of many companies; they need to be provided with a constant flow of ‘sales ready’ leads in order for them to convert to business. If you are producing leads for another organisation to turn into sales, it is important that they are of a high quality, and that all the information required is correct and complete on all occasions.

The companies buying the leads will state how many they require; it’s crucial that you are able to provide these within the time scale and ensure that they match the high standard expected. If the leads fall below this standard they will be of no use to the company, and they will be unlikely to use you again to generate leads for them. This stresses why it is important to ensure that every lead your company generates is of the highest standard before passing it on to the client. The better quality your leads are, the more clients will choose you to generate leads for them, in turn increasing your sales as well as theirs.

In order to provide your clients with high quality, ‘sales ready’ leads it is important that your data is up to date. Data cleaning can be used to ensure that you are only contacting customers that may want to hear from you, and that they have not opted out or moved house. This will increase your positive response rate and the amount of leads you can sell on to others.

The way in which leads are generated has changed as we have entered the 21st century. More consumers are using the internet to gather information. This is why online lead generation has increased in popularity in the recent years. Customers can fill out online enquiry forms relating to the product or service they wish to know about, the details of these customers will then be sold as a lead. Customers prefer to take the first step, rather than waiting for someone to call or write to them, persuading them to buy something they didn’t even know they needed.

Whichever method your business uses, it is crucial to always provide high quality leads which will increase your sales as well as your clients.

How online lead generation can benefit your business

December 26, 2012

Online lead generation is becoming an increasingly popular method of lead generation. With more consumers and businesses that ever using the internet not only for researching products and services but also for buying them, it only seems the sensible option to utilize this. Social media and technology is taking over, and it makes sense for lead generation companies to follow suite. When businesses decide to carry out online lead generation they have the option to target a whole new generation of customers and in turn increase the amount of sales and leads generated.
There are many advantages when a lead generation business uses online lead generation, it will increase website traffic, and is also cost effective in comparison to other more traditional lead generation methods. Also, online leads are often worth more that telemarketing leads for example. As the customer has enquired themselves and not been pressurised into signing up, it is likely that they are genuinely interested. Although online lead generation is a great way to generate leads, other methods such as telemarketing should not be forgotten. Just because a customer hasn’t enquired online for themselves, it doesn’t mean that they are not interested in, or will not benefit from the products and services that you have to offer.