The data services that UK Datahouse provides include data cleaning and data bureau

February 20, 2013

Data services would usually be put in place to improve the quality of any data lists that you purchase. This is most defiantly the case with the data services that ULK Datahouse provides. We know how important it is to only work with the best quality data lists, and this is why we offer a range of data services that will enhance all UK data records. We are experts in the data industry, and know what a good database should look like, and we are confident that this is exactly what we will supply.
The Data services that UK Datahouse provides include data cleaning and data bureau. Both have these have been designed in order to ensure that all data records you purchase are clean, accurate, up to date and targeted. We will screen and clean all records, as well as ensuring that they are only made up of contacts that directly reflect the type of consumer that you are hoping to reach with your campaign.
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Data Services – Designed to improve your Email data lists

February 13, 2013

In order to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your data lists, whether they be B2B or B2C, UK Datahouse have a range of data services, all designed to help you save time, money and reduce the amount of data that is wasted on a daily basis.

Our data cleaning data service will guarantee that all of your data lists are up to date, formatted correctly and not made up of wrong numbers and addresses. There is nothing more frustrating that purchasing a data list, only to find that all of the contacts have moved house, or even passed away.

The UK Datahouse data bureau data service is great if you know who you want to target your marketing at. We give you the option to specify the types of B2B or B2C data list that you want. Tell us the age, location and even personal preferences, and we will create a tailor made data lists to match. This is another data service that is useful if you’re looking to reduce waste.

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Data Services UK

December 26, 2012

Here at UK Datahouse we know what good data should look like, and this is what we are committed to offering. The better your data lists, the more positive responses and income you will be able to generate from your direct marketing campaign. Whether you rely on email, phone, SMS or postal data, we have clean, accurate and targeted records ready for you to use. All of our Data services UK ensure that you can effectively reach all of your existing customers, and target new and potential customers, through which ever channel you use.

Data cleaning is a vital data service for UK businesses to think about. It is predicted that approximately 30% of data records are either incorrectly formatted, out of date or made up of the wrong details. At UK Datahouse, we can clean your data lists to ensure that you are only ever contacting right numbers.

As well as reducing waste, this data service will also ensure that businesses save money by not contacting wrong numbers, or people that have asked not to be contacted. There is very little point in spending money either calling, writing to, emailing or sending an SMS to a number or address that is incorrect. This data service will allow businesses to only spend funds on existing and potential customers that could result in a sale or the generation of a lead.

A second data service that UK Datahouse offers is a data bureau service. This allows business to only purchase data lists that are made up of contacts that match a specific target audience. Again, this is a great way to save money and reduce waste. You can be sure that by specifying the age, location, turnover or personal preferences of your business and consumer data, you will dramatically increase the amount of sales that can be generated. If you know who you want to target, then why not only buy data lists that are made up of these consumers and businesses.

Data services in the UK are designed to help businesses target their data at the right audience, and also make sure that all data lists are made up of clean and accurate contacts.  At UK Datahouse we are committed to ensuring that you get the most out of your direct marketing campaign, and generate as many sales and leads as possible.

Data services such as data bureau and data cleaning are essential for all businesses that operate in the direct marketing and lead generation industry. Although relatively cost effective, this form of marketing can be time consuming. Making sure that all data records are up to date, correct and targeted can reduce the time spent contacting wrong numbers and consumers and businesses that have no interest in the products and services that you have to offer.

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B2C Data Lists

December 26, 2012

Business to consumer (B2C) data lists are used by all businesses that operate in the Lead generation or direct marketing industries. They are made up of consumer details such as address, age, demographic and phone number for example. B2C data lists will be used for all forms of direct mail, telemarketing, SMS and email marketing.
There is always news surrounding the topic of consumer data lists and how the organisations get hold of consumer’s details. This can make direct marketing and telemarketing difficult, but there is a solution. Here at UK Datahouse we take privacy laws and the wants and needs of customers very seriously. We are committed to ensuring that we will only ever offer B2C data lists that are clean, accurate and that do not consist of any numbers or addresses from the telephone preference service (TPS) or the mailing preference list (MPS).
Both the telephone and mailings preference list are free for consumers to join. It is their way of saying that they don’t want to receive any form of direct mail or telemarketing. Over 50,000 people have signed up, and if your business was to find yourselves contacting someone who is on these lists, you could be facing a fine of up to £5000. We don’t think it’s worth it, and that is why we work hard to remove these details from all of our business to consumer (B2C) data lists.
By making sure that all of your business to consumer (B2C) data lists are up to date, you can save thousands of pounds every month. There is little point in contacting people that have asked not to be contacted, or trying to call or send information to a wrong number or someone that has moved house. When you buy business to consumer (b2C) data lists from UK Datahouse, we will do the hard work and help you get the most out of your marketing campaign.
Another way that UK Datahouse can help you maximise the efficiency of your business to consumer (B2C) data lists is by offering you the chance to target your data at exactly the right audience. If you know the people that are most likely to have an interest in your products and services, why not just contact them. There is no point contacting the elderly, if your product is aimed at young families for example. Tell us the age, sex, demographic ad even personal preferences of your target market, and we will provide a clean, accurate and targeted business to consumer (B2C) data list to match.
Whatever method you use to attract new customers, you can be sure that UK Datahouse has a data list to meet your needs. We can help you save money, reduce waste and maximise the sales and leads generated through your business to consumer (B2C) data list.

UK Datahouse’s data services can improve the quality of your data lists

December 26, 2012

Any business that operates in the direct marketing or lead generation industry, or anyone that relies on business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C) data for the day to day running of their organisation, will know the importance of using a good data service. The better the data that you use, the better results you will get. You will be able to increase sales and leads, as well as reducing the amount of data that you waste on a daily basis.
One of the Data services that UK Datahouse offer is data cleaning. This is the process of de duplicating, screening and verifying all of your new and existing data lists. It is predicted that 30% of B2B data lists are unclean, so it makes sense to take advantage of the UK Datahouse data cleaning data service. We will also screen your data against the telephone preference service to ensure you’re not facing a fine of up to £5000 for every member that you call
Data services ensure that your business only uses data that is clean and up to date, to ensure you get the best results for your campaign.

Lead Generation UK

October 3, 2012

If your company is involved in Lead generation for UK clients, you know that quality data and customer engagement is key to a successful business.

At UK Datahouse we want to make the process of generating leads for your UK clients as easy as possible for you. We can provide you with clean, up to date, accurate and targeted data. You choose who you want to contact, and we will provide you with the data.

By being able to target your customers, your positive response rate will increase, you will be able to eliminate duplicated data and consumers that do not match the requirements for a typical customer for the product or service you are trying to sell. We will also ensure that you are not given data for consumers that have signed up to the telephone or mail preference service, if you call these customers, you could be facing a fine of £5000.

We know that better quality data will produce better quality leads, giving you the chance to stay ahead of the competition and build lasting relationships with existing and potential customers and clients.Get in touch today for more information on how using our data could increase your lead generation figures.

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