UK Datahouse data services can save you money, reduce waste and increase efficiency

March 30, 2013

UK Datahouse can help any organisation that relies on business and consumer, online and offline data for generating sales and leads.

UK Datahouse offers a range of data services, and they are all designed to make your lead generation or direct marketing campaigns more efficient. With many different data services available, UK Datahouse can help any organisation that relies on business and consumer, online and offline data for generating sales and leads.

One of the most popular data service offered by UK Datahouse is data cleaning, this is the process of suppressing, de- duplicating and amending all of your existing and new databases. There is nothing more frustrating than buying a new database only to discover that many of the contacts are already on your existing database, that it is made up of wrong address or that they are formatted in- correctly. UK Datahouse thoroughly checks and screens all of its data before selling it to businesses like yours.

Our data services also allow you to specify the type of consumer or business that you wish to contact. You can identify by size, location, personal preferences and even age. This data service was created to make your direct marketing or lead generation easier and more effective. By being able to eliminate those customers who have previously declined your offer, or those who have opted out of being contacted, you will save time and money. When you target only those customers who match your customer profile, you should increase your positive response rate, and reduce the amount of negative calls, emails and SMS.  If you know who wants your products and services, it makes sense to only purchase data for these individuals.

By being able to choose who you contact, you also have the opportunity to increase the profit that your organisation can generate through your campaign.  If the data is being used for direct marketing, UK Datahouse hope to help you increase your brand awareness, produce loyal customers and get people talking about your company for all the right reasons. With quality data you can also increase the amount of ‘sales ready’ leads to sell on to your clients- the more leads you sell, the more income you generate.

The telephone preference service (TPS) and the mailing preference service (MPS) are both free services for both businesses and consumers to sign up to. It is their way of saying that they do not want to receive any form of unsolicited correspondence. It is against the law to contacts a member of either of these services, and if you do, you will face a fine of up to £5000. Here at UK Datahouse, our data services have been developed to ensure that all of these contacts have been removed from your records. The process could save your thousands of pounds every day.

All data services that UK Datahouse have to offer are designed to save you money, reduce the amount of data that you waste on a daily basis, but most importantly, increase the sales and leads that can be generated from your data lists. We know what good data should look like.

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