Take advantage of the data cleaning services from UK Datahouse and benefit from top quality data.

August 14, 2013

Here at UK Datahouse we know what good data should look like, and this is what we are committed to offering our customers. The better your data lists, the more positive responses you will be able to generate from your direct marketing campaign. Whether you rely on email, phone, SMS or postal data, we have clean, accurate and targeted records ready for you to use. All of our data services ensure that you can effectively reach all of your existing customers, and target new and potential customers, through which ever channel you use.

Data cleaning services are vital for UK businesses to think about. It is predicted that approximately 30% of all business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) data records are either incorrectly formatted, out of date or made up of the wrong details. The data cleaning services that UK Datahouse offer, can clean your data lists to ensure that you are only ever contacting right numbers.

As well as reducing waste, these Data cleaning services from UK Datahouse will also ensure your business save money by not contacting wrong numbers, or people that have asked not to be contacted. There is very little point in spending money either calling, writing to, emailing or sending an SMS to a number or address that is incorrect. Data cleaning services from UK Datahouse will allow your business to only spend resources and funds on existing and potential customers that could result in a sale or the generation of a lead.


How Data Cleaning is the best process of correcting your business

March 18, 2013

Data cleaning is the process of correcting your businesses incorrect data records. It ensures that all of your data lists are up to date, formatted and spelt correctly to ensure that you can get the best results from them.

The reason that it is so important for your business to get your data cleaned regularly is because every data list will lose value over time. Customers will move house and change their phone numbers without telling you, and this will result in you spending time and money contacting wrong numbers at the wrong addresses. Data cleaning will ensure that all of your data lists are up to date, in order to minimise the time your business spends on useless data.

Most data wasn’t collected with the intention of your business using it for direct marketing or lead generation. Whatever it was collected for, it is unlikely that each contact will be formatted correctly or in the way that you will need. Data cleaning can change this, tell us how you would like the data list to be formatted and we will provide you with the results. By having all of your data set out the same and spelt correctly, you will find it much easier to seek new customers and increase your businesses profits.

Clean data will save your business both time and money, we are able to guarantee that each contact in your data list has opted into being contacted. There will be no sign of anyone on the telephone or mailings preference list. This is a service that businesses and homeowners can sign up to if they have chosen not to receive unsolicited or marketing telephone calls, emails or post. If your business does call our contact these homeowners or businesses, you could see your selves facing a fine of up to £5000- it is worthwhile making sure these people are removed from your data list.

Another feature that you can benefit from when you have your data cleaned by UK Datahouse, is that it can all be categorised neatly into the types of customer that you wish to target. If your business has a specific customer profile, then why not direct your direct marketing at them? You can choose the age, income, demographic and even personal preferences of the type of customer that you would like data for. This will increase you positive response rates, and increase your customer base.

So, however much data you have and for whatever reason you use it, contact UK Datahouse to have it all cleaned. This simple process is guaranteed to save your business time and money, and allow you to concentrate on offering the best service possible.