Online lead generation is becoming increasingly popular among lead generation companies in the UK

March 6, 2013

Lead generation in the UK involves generating interest for the products and services of a client, and selling the details of the interested customer back to the client. When lead generation is carried out on behalf of another UK client, the customer is only agreeing to receive more information about the product or service on offer, or to set a survey or an appointment. It is the client’s responsibility to take the next step and generate the sale from this appointment.
There are many different ways of generating these leads for your clients; telemarking, SMS, email, direct mail and online. Online lead generation in the UK is becoming increasingly popular among lead generation companies in the UK, as more consumers than ever are using the internet, not only as a source of information, but also to purchase products and services.

Lead Generation
Leads that have been generated online are often considered to be worth more, this is due to the fact that customer has taken the first step and actively asked for information or a call back for example. Traditional methods of generating leads should not be forgotten though; just because a customer hasn’t enquired it doesn’t mean that they do not have and interest.
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The Benefits of Using Lead Generation Services in UK

January 11, 2013

Lead generation is the process of setting appointments and generating interest in the products and services that clients have to offer. When they discover a customer that has an interest in these products or services, their details are sold to the clients, who will hopefully transform the customer into a sale for their business. Often the customer is only signing up to receive information or set an appointment or a survey. It is the client’s job to convert this initial interest into a firm sale for their business.
Lead generation services are most commonly associated with double glazing companies harassing homeowners over the phone, and pressurising them to take up offers and purchase the goods available. This however is not always the case; there are many other ways of generating leads, such as SMS, email and obviously direct mail. They are not all intrusive, and as long as the business keeps their data clean and up to date, all these methods have proven to be effective when generating leads for clients.
Since entering the 21st century, further changes and developments have occurred in the world of lead generation services. Although telemarketing and other forms of direct marketing and lead generation are still widely used and provide good results, there are many more common ways emerging.  Recently, the internet has played a vital role when companies are generating leads for their clients. Whether they are attracting businesses or consumers, the internet is the first port of call for most people nowadays when they wish to find information about anything.
Research has been carried out recently which shows that British people are the most comfortable with spending money online than any other country in Europe; this is good news for lead generation companies in the UK, as it opens up new doors and opportunities to advertise and increase sales. Leads generated online are often considered to be of a higher value than leads generated over the phone or through email for example. The most obvious reason for this is because the customer has started the process. They have found your business online, and requested that you provided them with information or put them in contact with the clients to arrange an appointment for the product or service on offer.
Even though online lead generation is becoming an increasingly popular way for companies to generate leads, the more traditional and conventional methods must not be disregarded. Just because a customer hasn’t enquired online, it does not mean that they will not benefit or have an interest in the product or service which you are promoting for your clients.
So, whichever method your business uses for lead generation, you can be sure that UK Datahouse has something for you. As one of the UK’s largest holders of business and consumer, online and offline databases, we know we can help your business increase sales and in turn profit through effective lead generation services.

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Data services can maximise the efficiency of your direct marketing data lists

December 26, 2012

UK Datahouse offers a range of different data services, all designed to maximise the efficiency of your business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) data records. We provide you with the opportunity to clean, verify enhance and de duplicate your data lists as well as purchasing targeted data for your specific audience. These data services are available for all forms of data and direct marketing, including telemarketing, postal campaigns, SMS and email marketing.
The first Data service  that UK Datahouse has to offer is a data cleaning service. The can be used for new data that you are looking to buy, but also for your existing data lists. Data cleaning is a crucial data service for all organisations which rely on business and consumer data for the day to data running of their business. It is predicted that approximately 30% of data is out of date or made up of wrong details, and could be out of date within just 12 months. This highlights the importance of data cleaning.
UK Datahouse is committed to only offering data that has been thoroughly cleaned and screened, to ensure that you only buy the best possible data. This data service not only ensures that your data is formatted correctly, is up to date and made up of right numbers, we can also de duplicate your records when  you buy new data list from UK Datahouse. There is no point buying a new data list, only to find that you have already previously brought data for some of the contacts. We will eliminate the chances of this happening.
The telephone preference service (TPS) and the mailing preference service (MPS) are free services for both businesses and consumers to sign up to. It is their way of saying that they do not want to receive any form of unsolicited correspondence. It is against the law to contacts a member of either of these services, and if you do, you will face a fine of up to £5000. Here at UK Datahouse, our data services ensure that all of these contacts have been removed from your records. The process could save your thousands of pounds every day.
A second data service that UK Datahouse can offer is a Data bureau service. This allows you to target your data lists at exactly the right target audience for yours and you client’s products and services. This data service will maximise the efficiency of your direct marketing or lead generation campaign. Simply, tell us the types of business and consumer that you want to reach, and we can provide you with a bespoke data list to meet your requirements.
All data services that UK Datahouse have to offer are designed to save you money, reduce the amount of data that you waste on a daily basis, but most importantly, increase the sales and leads that can be generated from your data lists. We know what good data should look like.