Data Bureau Supplier Service

January 3, 2013

A data bureau supplier service holds all of the data that you could ever need for your direct marketing and lead generation businesses.  It allows screening, verification and suppression of all your existing data to ensure that you are only working with the best possible records. At UK Datahouse, we go out of our way to ensure we can help you increase the leads you are able to sell to clients, positive response rates from all your direct marketing campaigns, and ultimately profit.
At UK Datahouse we understand that when purchasing data, one size does not fit all. This is why through using only the latest industry filters; our data bureau supplier service provides you with only the data for customers that you want to contact. Whether it is businesses or consumers, let UK Datahouse provide you with data for the people and businesses that match your target audience.
We offer our customers the opportunity to specify the types of data they which to purchase. Choose the demographic, size, location and even income of your target market that you wish to contact through your lead generation and direct marketing, and we will provide you with a data list to match.
This sophisticated and reliable method is designed to ensure that your lead generation and direct marketing are effectively managed through consistency and accuracy. We home that by using the data bureau supplier service you will be able to increase positive response rates. It gives you the opportunity to target exactly the right type of customer.
Another benefit of taking advantage of this data bureau service is that it could also increase the positive awareness of your brand and organisation. You will not waste time trying to contact wrong numbers and addresses, or people that have previously asked not to be contacted. This will reduce the amount of negative feedback and word of mouth regarding your company and hopefully increase the amount of customers that see you as a reliable and trustworthy organisation that respects its clients and customers and always provides a high quality service.
Also, if you know that you are targeting customers that are most likely to respond to your product or service, you will reduce the amount of data that you waste on a daily basis. It is predicted that on average businesses spend £18m a year on data for customers that have unfortunately passed away. Through using this service, you can be sure that you will not be purchasing wrong or inaccurate data; only clean up to date data that relates directly to your target market.
There is no better way to target your direct marketing and lead generation- tell us who you want to contact and we will provide you with a data list to match your requirements. We want to help you build lasting relationships with clients and customers alike.

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UK Datahouse can increase you profits with B2C data for telemarketing companies

January 3, 2013


UK Datahouse is here to meet all of your needs for B2C data for telemarketing. We are committed to ensuring that you receive the highest quality B2C data for telemarketing to ensure your business can perform to the best of its ability, without having to worry about the standard of your consumer data. All of our consumer data lists are checked to make sure that they are as clean and as accurate as possible, making it easier for you to actively seek new customers without wasting time on incorrect data or consumers that have opted out of being mailed or called.
If your business relies on B2C data for telemarketing, you need to know that you are only purchasing your data lists from an experienced, reliable and knowledgeable company. This is where UK Datahouse can help. As experts in the industry, you can be sure that we always offer clean, accurate and up to date B2C data for telemarketing.
You will notice many be

nefits when you buy your B2C data for telemarketing from UK Datahouse; firstly, it is your opportunity to get ahead of the competition. By using the best quality consumer data, you will produce the best quality leads for your clients. Not everyone will have been given the opportunity to target their preferred customer base when they purchased consumer data, this will give you an advantage. You know that you are contacting people that could potentially have an interest in your offer, rather than wasting time on people that you know have opted out or who do not fit your typical consumer profile.

Secondly, at UK Datahouse we pride ourselves on the clean B2C data for telemarketing that we can offer. We know what good data should look like, and this is what we produce. Through using the lasts industry filters, we guarantee that all of our B2C data lists for telemarketing companies are clean, up to date and accurate. We will never provide data records that are made up of wrong numbers or addresses, or of people that have signed up to the telephone preference service (TPS).
Buying your B2C data for telemarketing from us will save you money as well as making you money in the long term. The fact that you are able to target your preferred consumer bases has been touched on, but it really is as simple as that. All you need to do is specify the profile of the consumer you need; age, location and income for example, and we will provide you with a consumer data list to match your requirements. This will hopefully, increase the amount of positive responses, as you are able to target your preferred consumer profile and eliminate those who don’t match it; maybe the elderly or higher income homes for example.  The more leads you are able to produce, the higher your profit will be.

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Get clean and relevant business data through our business data service

January 3, 2013

Our business Data service can provide you with all the business data you could ever wish for, we hold a vast database of companies so guarantee that we will have a data list to suite your businesses needs and requirements. UK Datahouse have many years’ experience in the data industry, we are committed to providing you with the highest standard of data with a professional and quality service.

Our business data can be used for all types of customer communications, accounting, prospecting, market research and a manner of other data related activities. To make it as easy as possible for you, we have even made it possible to specify the data that would be of most use to you and your business; compile your own bespoke data lists for telemarketing and direct mail, just state the business type, location, and even company size you would like, and we will provide you with a data list that accurately match your requirements.
We will ensure that all data purchased through our business data service is as clean and accurate as possible. This will ensure that you are receiving the best quality opt- in business data, allowing your business to eliminate the time that you spend trying to get hold of businesses that have opted out of being contacted, moved premises or changed their numbers. We will also ensure that we suppress your existing data to eliminate duplicating any of your current contacts.

A second benefit of using our business data service is that because we guarantee that you will only be provided with the highest quality data, you will not be spending money on data that is going to be of little use to your businesses marketing campaigns. We hope this will cut the time you spend contacting and actively seeking business from organisations that do not match your requirements.

We understand that increased business growth comes from increased sales, though choosing to use our business data service you will be able to achieve this. You can specify the type of business, location and size of the organisation that you are interested in contacting, therefore, ensuring that you are only dealing with relevant companies. We hope that this will save you time, money and leave you free to concentrate on finding new customers and turning them into business.

Whether you are looking for a business data list for direct mail campaigns or a list for telemarketing, at UK Datahouse guarantee that you will be receiving the best standard of data, what accurately matches your requirements with a quality service? We aim to make the process as simple as possible for your business, simply state the type of data list you require, and we will match your needs.

UKDATAHOUSE – Business data service and B2B data cleansing service is the process of proactively creating and discovering interest among prospective buyers so that a sales team can engage with the customer and create a sale.