All data lists that UK Datahouse supply have been thoroughly screened and cleaned

March 30, 2013

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There are many ways that you can increase the productivity and sales that are generated from data lists, and one of the most common has to be data cleaning. UK Datahouse holds some of the largest business and consumer, offline and online data lists in the UK, we understand the importance of only providing our customers with data that have been thoroughly cleaned and screened.

Data cleaning is the process of ensuring that all data lists in the UK are accurate and up to date. One way in which that can be done is by screening all of our data lists for UK consumers and businesses against the telephone preference service (TPS) and the mailing preference service (MPS). This involves ensuring that we do not provide our customers with data lists from the UK that include members of either the TPS or MPS. These services are free to both businesses and consumers, and it’s their way of saying that they do not want to be contacted via any form of direct marketing. If your business was to try and contact a member of these services, you could be facing a fine of up to £5000.

Data cleaning also ensures residency verification and de-duplication. This is the process of ensuring that the address data provided within our data lists of UK customers is for the correct customer and that existing data lists will not be duplicated. The aim of data cleaning is to reduce waste, save time and ultimately, increase sales.

You may be surprised to know that on average it is predicted that £18m worth of data is wasted each year as a result of direct marketing companies buying data lists in the UK and trying to contact deceased individuals.  By having your data lists cleaned, you will be able to reduce this figure; you can be sure that all wrong numbers will be removed and if a consumer has moved house, their records will be removed from your lists or updated where possible.

Another benefit to your data lists that cleaning will offer is that it could also increase the positive perception and reputation of your brand or company. Nobody wants to receive mail or calls for a previous homeowner, or be repeatedly contacted after asking not to be. By cleaning your data lists, you will be making sure that all of these scenarios are eliminated. UK Datahouse ensures that all data lists for UK consumers are only made up of accurate and up to date data.

Whichever type of data lists your business uses, you can be sure that UK Datahouse only use the latest industry filters to ensure your data is clean and up to date. We would love to hear from you and discuss all of the other data services that we have on offer to help you increase speed, accuracy and value for money within your direct marketing campaign.

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Data Bureau Supplier Service

January 3, 2013

A data bureau supplier service holds all of the data that you could ever need for your direct marketing and lead generation businesses.  It allows screening, verification and suppression of all your existing data to ensure that you are only working with the best possible records. At UK Datahouse, we go out of our way to ensure we can help you increase the leads you are able to sell to clients, positive response rates from all your direct marketing campaigns, and ultimately profit.
At UK Datahouse we understand that when purchasing data, one size does not fit all. This is why through using only the latest industry filters; our data bureau supplier service provides you with only the data for customers that you want to contact. Whether it is businesses or consumers, let UK Datahouse provide you with data for the people and businesses that match your target audience.
We offer our customers the opportunity to specify the types of data they which to purchase. Choose the demographic, size, location and even income of your target market that you wish to contact through your lead generation and direct marketing, and we will provide you with a data list to match.
This sophisticated and reliable method is designed to ensure that your lead generation and direct marketing are effectively managed through consistency and accuracy. We home that by using the data bureau supplier service you will be able to increase positive response rates. It gives you the opportunity to target exactly the right type of customer.
Another benefit of taking advantage of this data bureau service is that it could also increase the positive awareness of your brand and organisation. You will not waste time trying to contact wrong numbers and addresses, or people that have previously asked not to be contacted. This will reduce the amount of negative feedback and word of mouth regarding your company and hopefully increase the amount of customers that see you as a reliable and trustworthy organisation that respects its clients and customers and always provides a high quality service.
Also, if you know that you are targeting customers that are most likely to respond to your product or service, you will reduce the amount of data that you waste on a daily basis. It is predicted that on average businesses spend £18m a year on data for customers that have unfortunately passed away. Through using this service, you can be sure that you will not be purchasing wrong or inaccurate data; only clean up to date data that relates directly to your target market.
There is no better way to target your direct marketing and lead generation- tell us who you want to contact and we will provide you with a data list to match your requirements. We want to help you build lasting relationships with clients and customers alike.

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UK Datahouse can increase you profits with B2C data for telemarketing companies

January 3, 2013


UK Datahouse is here to meet all of your needs for B2C data for telemarketing. We are committed to ensuring that you receive the highest quality B2C data for telemarketing to ensure your business can perform to the best of its ability, without having to worry about the standard of your consumer data. All of our consumer data lists are checked to make sure that they are as clean and as accurate as possible, making it easier for you to actively seek new customers without wasting time on incorrect data or consumers that have opted out of being mailed or called.
If your business relies on B2C data for telemarketing, you need to know that you are only purchasing your data lists from an experienced, reliable and knowledgeable company. This is where UK Datahouse can help. As experts in the industry, you can be sure that we always offer clean, accurate and up to date B2C data for telemarketing.
You will notice many be

nefits when you buy your B2C data for telemarketing from UK Datahouse; firstly, it is your opportunity to get ahead of the competition. By using the best quality consumer data, you will produce the best quality leads for your clients. Not everyone will have been given the opportunity to target their preferred customer base when they purchased consumer data, this will give you an advantage. You know that you are contacting people that could potentially have an interest in your offer, rather than wasting time on people that you know have opted out or who do not fit your typical consumer profile.

Secondly, at UK Datahouse we pride ourselves on the clean B2C data for telemarketing that we can offer. We know what good data should look like, and this is what we produce. Through using the lasts industry filters, we guarantee that all of our B2C data lists for telemarketing companies are clean, up to date and accurate. We will never provide data records that are made up of wrong numbers or addresses, or of people that have signed up to the telephone preference service (TPS).
Buying your B2C data for telemarketing from us will save you money as well as making you money in the long term. The fact that you are able to target your preferred consumer bases has been touched on, but it really is as simple as that. All you need to do is specify the profile of the consumer you need; age, location and income for example, and we will provide you with a consumer data list to match your requirements. This will hopefully, increase the amount of positive responses, as you are able to target your preferred consumer profile and eliminate those who don’t match it; maybe the elderly or higher income homes for example.  The more leads you are able to produce, the higher your profit will be.

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Lead generation companies for improve your business in uk

October 15, 2012

Does your business operate in the lead generation industry? If yes, UK Datahouse can help. We offer a wide range of data and data services for you to use in order to increase the amount of leads you can generate for your clients.

UK Datahouse holds a vast range of business and consumer, online and offline data that you can use to target exactly the right type of customer. Whether you are generating business or consumer leads, tell us the demographic, age and even personal preferences and we will provide you with a data list to match.

We guarantee to only offer data lists that are clean and up to date- we work hard to make sure that you will only be working with the best quality data. This is to ensure that you save time, money and ultimately increase sales and leads.

Business lead generation is a win- win situation. You get paid for every lead that you generate and your client benefits from increased sales. In order to ensure you are providing hot, quality leads, get in touch with UK Datahouse for all of your business lead generation data bases.

Lead generation is the process of generating interest for a client’s products or services

October 15, 2012

Lead generation is the process of generating interest for a client’s products or services, and selling the details of the interested customer to the client for them to convert into a sale for their business. Often the customer is only signing up to receive information on the products or services or to arrange a survey or an appointment. It is the client’s responsibility to take the next step and generate the sale.

There are many different ways of generating leads for your clients; you could do it via telemarking, SMS, email, direct mail and more recently, online. Online lead generation is becoming increasingly popular among lead generation companies as more consumers than ever are using the internet, not only as a source of information, but also to purchase products and services.

Leads that have been generated online are often considered to be of a higher value to clients that those generated over the phone for example as the customer has taken the first step and actively asked for information. Traditional methods of generating leads should not be forgotten, just because a customer hasn’t enquired, doesn’t mean that they do not have and interest.

Data Bureau Supplier Service UK

October 15, 2012

As a business operating in either the lead generation or direct marketing industry, you will understand the importance of clean and up to date data, but why not also target your selling at a specific target audience. Now you can- UK Datahouse offer a service called the data bureau supplier service, this gives you the chance to only purchase data that relates directly to the characteristics of your target audience.

Through using only the latest industry filters we are able to provide you with a data list that matches the demographic, age, income and even personal preferences of your desired customer. We hope to help you save money by reducing the data that gets wasted on a daily basis. This data bureau service will also save time as you will not have to contact businesses or consumers that you know don’t match your target audience- the elderly or higher income families for example.

UK Datahouse offer holds some of the largest databases of business and consumer, online and offline data. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you save time and money, reduce waste and most importantly- increase sales and generate leads.