Online lead generation has emerged within the past decade as an effective way of finding new customers

A business that deals with lead generation is concerned with actively trying to seek new customers for a product or service. This may be for their own business, or on behalf of a client. The most common ways in which this is achieved is over the phone, by telemarketing, or by door to door sales. When an interested customer has been found, it is then the client’s job to convert this initial interest into a firm sale for their business. A lead is the contact details of a customer that has shown an interest in the products and services available. If the lead generation is being carried out on behalf of a client, these leads are often purchased on a pay per lead basis.

There are many different products and services that are sold or promoted via lead generation, the most common include home improvements and financial services. The reason that these types of products and services are most common is due to the nature of them, and the fact that they are ‘considered purchases’. A customer may want to hear from many different companies regarding who they want to purchase the final product from.

As previously mentioned, the most common methods of lead generation are telemarketing or door to door sales, but this is changing as we have entered the 21 Century. The internet is fast becoming the first port of call for most businesses and consumers, not only when they want to gather information, but also to purchase goods and services. Online lead generation has emerged within the past decade as an effective way of finding new customers. When a lead has been generated over the internet, it is often worth more financially, than a lead that has been generated over the phone for example. This is due to the way in which the lead is generated. Online lead generation requires the customer to have found the website online, and make a further enquiry or request a survey or more information. As the customer has initiated the process, it suggests that there is genuine interest and that they are likely to go ahead and convert into a sale.

Whichever method of lead generation your business decides to use, you need to ensure that you are always working with B2B and B2C data lists that have been thoroughly screened and cleaned to guarantee top quality results.


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