Whatever type of B2B data your business is looking for, you can be sure that UK Datahouse can help

B2B data is crucial for any organisation that deals with lead generation or direct marketing in the B2B sector, and the quality of this data needs to be of the highest standard in order for the campaign to be a success. This could involve running these B2B data lists through different data services in order to highlight any imperfections or mistakes.

There are lots of different data services that UK Datahouse offer in order to improve the quality of your B2B data, and we feel that the most beneficial would be the data bureau service. This gives you the chance to choose exactly the types of businesses that you want to contact. It is impossible to find a product or service that everyone is going to be interested in, so it makes sense to only buy B2B data for the people that are interested in yours. If you know who these people are, then tell us their characteristics such as turnover, number of employees, location and industry, and we will create a B2B data list to meet these requirements.

By being given the chance to create a tailor made B2B data list, you are going to dramatically reduce the amount of data that is wasted on a daily basis. This is due to the fact that you will be eliminating any B2B data that does not meet the requirements that you set out as your desired target audience. This in turn will save you money, and allow you to make better use of your resources such as budgets, staff and existing data.

UK Datahouse also ensures that all B2B data lists are regularly checked against the telephone preference service (TPS) or the mailing preference service (MPS). These are both free services that businesses can sign up to in order to show companies like yours that they do not wish to receive any form of unsolicited correspondence, such as telephone calls and direct mail. We work hard to ensure that you are not paying for the details of businesses that have signed up to these services. If you were to find yourself trying to contact them, you could be facing a fine of up to £5000.

Whatever type of B2B data your business is looking for, you can be sure that UK Datahouse can help. Tell us the details and we will provide you with a data list to match. UK Datahouse holds some of the largest records of B2B data for both online and offline campaigns.



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