Data Bureau Supplier Service UK

If you rely on consumer or business data for the day to day running of your business, then UK Datahouse has a service for you. Our data bureau supplier services gives you the opportunity to target only the customers that you believe to have a direct interest in or benefit from the products or services that you have to offer. Whether you are a lead generation company, or are carrying our direct marketing campaigns for your own products and services, this service will provide you with endless benefits.

The data bureau supplier service works by you stating the type of customers you would like to target, you can specify by age, location, income, size and even personal preferences. There will be different filters depending on whether you are buying consumer or business data. At UK Datahouse we use only the latest industry filters to ensure that we are providing you with a data list that meets your exact requirements.

One of the most obvious benefits that this service will offer your business is that you will dramatically reduce the amount of data that is wasted on a daily basis. We understand the frustration of buying a data list, only to find out find out that it is made up of consumers and businesses that do not match your target audience; this may be the elderly or higher income families for example. Well, through our data bureau service, you can be sure that you will only be buying data that could potentially increase your sales conversions and positive response rates.

You will also save your business both time and money. As the amount of waste has been reduced, so has the time it takes to contact these customers that have no interest in yours products and services. This leave your staff free to concentrate in selling the products and services to customers that are more likely to have an interest in what is on offer. This in turn will increase positive response rates and hopefully increase sales and leads too.

So, whatever industry your business operates in, if you use consumer and business data, let UK Datahouse help; and don’t just take our word for it either, our customers have told us that since using our data bureau supplier service, thy have noticed greater return on investment (ROI) with less wastage and higher sales conversions.

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