Lead Generation Services

Organisations that operate within the Lead Generation services industry are concerned with actively seeking new customers with an interest in the products and services that their clients have to offer. Typically, this is thought to be telemarketing companies calling homeowners and harassing them to purchasing the product of service; this is no longer the case.



The internet is becoming a more popular way for companies to generate leads for their clients. An online lead is often considered to be of higher value than leads generated over the phone or from an email campaign for example. This is due to the nature of the lead and how it is generated. Usually for an online lead, the customer must have made the first move- found the website and completed and enquiry form requesting more information about the product or service on offer. This is why they are considered to be hotter and more valuable.
However, traditional methods should not be forgotten, just because a customer hasn’t enquired online it doesn’t mean that they are not interested in the products and services. Email, phone, SMS and direct mail are still widely used in the world of lead generation services.


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