B2C Lead Generation Companies

Business to consumer (B2C) lead generation companies are commonly associated with cold calls from call centres harassing homeowners to purchase a product or service. The way in which companies generate leads is changing, and the internet is playing a bigger role.

The internet is the first place that most people will look if they want to find out information on something, so why not use it as a tool of B2C lead generation? More and more companies are taking advantage of the internet and using customer online enquiry forms as a way of generating leads for other clients. These leads are usually considered to be more valuable as the customer has initiated the process and shown an interest, without being contacted from someone and told about a product or service they didn’t know they needed or wanted.

Other forms of generating leads should not be forgotten though. Just because a customer hasn’t enquired online, doesn’t mean that they are not interested or could not benefit from what you have to offer. Direct mail and telemarketing are still effective ways of generating leads for your clients.

UK Datahouse is here to provide accurate, targeted data to help B2C lead generation companies increase the leads they produce.


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