Lead Generation Services Company Providing Qualified and Targeted Business

August 29, 2012

Lead generation UK is the process of actively seeking new customers for another business. The interest from a customer may come from a telemarketing call, online enquiry or direct mail. However the customer found out about the product or service on offer, it is your job to sell the details of the interest customer to your client.

Lead generation services are typically associated with cold calls to homeowners, however, it is changing. More lead generation services are using the internet as a resource. Let’s face it; the internet is the first port of call for most people when they want find information about something, whether it be cosmetic surgery, home improvements or financial advice.

The process of generating the lead online works in the same way as over the phone or through the post, but can often suggest a stronger level of interest and in turn a higher quality lead, as the customer has personally enquired about the product or service, not been called and told that they need it.

Whether your company is generation leads from mail, online or telemarketing, UK Datahouse have data lists to suite you. Get in contact to find out more about how we could help you maximise your profitability though lead generation services.


B2C Lead Generation Companies

August 29, 2012

Business to consumer (B2C) lead generation companies are commonly associated with cold calls from call centres harassing homeowners to purchase a product or service. The way in which companies generate leads is changing, and the internet is playing a bigger role.

The internet is the first place that most people will look if they want to find out information on something, so why not use it as a tool of B2C lead generation? More and more companies are taking advantage of the internet and using customer online enquiry forms as a way of generating leads for other clients. These leads are usually considered to be more valuable as the customer has initiated the process and shown an interest, without being contacted from someone and told about a product or service they didn’t know they needed or wanted.

Other forms of generating leads should not be forgotten though. Just because a customer hasn’t enquired online, doesn’t mean that they are not interested or could not benefit from what you have to offer. Direct mail and telemarketing are still effective ways of generating leads for your clients.

UK Datahouse is here to provide accurate, targeted data to help B2C lead generation companies increase the leads they produce.

Business Lead Generation Services – UKDatahouse

August 29, 2012

Business lead generation involves finding customers that are actively seeking a product or service that your clients are offering. The process in which you find these customers could be via telemarketing, direct mail or online. The details of the interested customers will then be sold to your clients, and hopefully turned into a sale for them.

Providing leads for your clients is a win- win situation. Your business will receive an income from all of the leads you provide, and your clients benefit from increased sales.

In the world of business lead generation UK , it is important to build lasting relationships with clients. If your company can meet targets and deadlines, you will get a reputation in the industry of being a reliable organisation. This will encourage other companies to choose you to provide leads for them; increasing your income further.

There are many ways in which you can increase your output of leads; one of the most common ways nowadays is by using the internet as a source. If a customer fills out an online enquiry from, it shows that they have an interest in what your clients have to offer. These leads are often considered to be worth more as the customer started the process.

UK data supply serivces

August 29, 2012

Data bureau supplier service holds all of the data you could ever wish for, and better still, you can personalise the data to match your preferred customer base. It gives you the option to target your direct marketing at consumers and business that you feel would benefit most. Some of the options available include demographic, size of organisation and age.

Having the option to target your direct marketing could increase your positive response rate and increase the amount of leads you generate for your clients. This will put you ahead of the competition as your leads will be of the highest quality.

All of the data provided from the Data bureau service is clean and accurate so you can rest, knowing that you have the best data out there for your business. At UK Datahouse we want to ensure that we only provide you with contacts that are up to date and those who have agreed to be contacted. All numbers and addresses that have signed up to the telephone and mailings preference list will be removed. If you do call or contact any of these customers you could see your business facing a fine of up to £5,000.

Buy Consumer Data Supply Services UK

August 21, 2012

When it comes to buying consumer data we understand that one size does not fit all. UK Datahouse offers you the opportunity to target the Consumer data you buy to your specific customer profile. Choose the location, age and even income of the customers you wish to contact.

Buy being able to target the consumers in which you want to contact, you will be able to increase you positive response rates and decrease the amount of data you waste on a  day to day basis. This will save your business both time and money.

At UK Datahouse, we also like to ensure that you are only buying consumer data that is clean, accurate and up to date. We want to help you increase the amount of quality leads you can provide, by only offering you quality data. We check to ensure that we do not include any contact that has registered with the telephone or mailing preference service, if you did find yourself getting in touch with someone on either of these lists, you could see your business facing a fine of up to £5000.

Get in contact with us today to see how we could help you with all your consumer data needs.